Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunday (on a Saturday) Guest Post - Jon Haward!

The sixth member of Scotch Corner isn't yet available to join in so while we wait (and because we can) we'll get started on some guest posts!

What a start we've had to the blog, some fantastic work on show and then to start our 'Guest Post' off we where thrilled to receive a sketch and message from comic artist Jon Haward:

Hi chaps thought i'd drop you a line,

I'm a member of SCCAM (remember that), visited Scotland loads of times, have lots of Scot friends, worked on Northern Lightz and Wasted and drawn the Scottish play Macbeth, so I feel very Scottish although I'm English... any way here's my sketch for you to put up if you want, plus my blog address:

Just finished the Tempest graphic novel with Gary Erskine inking it and I'm art directing Hamlet for Classical Comics and drawing Judge Dredd for 2000ad at the moment.


Jon Haward

Many thanks for getting us started Jon with this great Conan sketch! Be sure to drop by Jon's websites and check out some of his amazing award winning work. And also remember that you can also take part in Scotch Corner, send us your drawings and become an adopted Scot!

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