Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its What I do

Was looking through recent work which I wanted to put up, and everything less than about five months old is still covered by non disclosure agreements, so I thought I'd put up some 'classic Hepworth' today. Something that encapsulates my work in terms of both subject matter (OK, OK, I'm a freelancer, I do anything which comes my way...) tool handling and client.

An image from Changeling; The Lost, a roleplaying game product from White wolf for their World of Darkness range. If I recall correctly this was from the Rites of Spring book, in which I did a bunch of full page illos, which was fun for a change - I tend to overwork smaller images so it was nice to get my teeth stuck into a set of pictures without wondering if it was worth the hourly rate ;)

Pencil rendered image with some digital tone applied with a multiply layer or six on top of the scanned image.


  1. There's a lot to see in this image, love the open window with the butterflies floating in. It almost breathes colour at you. Also find the image a bit disconcerting and wondering just what is going on, think the low and twisted angle surely adds to this. Nice stuff.

  2. great stuff ! yup lots going on there, interesting to see such a finished detailed pencilly greys style ( not very articulate there - sorry ! ).

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