Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mighty Talos!

Graeme Neil Reid,Painting,Talos,Jason and the Argonauts

This is a tale of frustrations for me this week. I made a lot of basics mistakes working on this one, the first before I even started painting. I soaked the board and paper for stretching and left so much water on the board that it stained the paper as it dried. So it wasn't a great start and possibly a bad omen.

I set myself time limits on these 'learning' paintings, mostly because I'm a busy guy and I should be getting on with something else but also to stop myself from over working a quick painting. Well, this time I had managed to paint the hills and the sky by the time I hit the time limit. Then having decided to push on I hit a brick wall when painting the main figure. Man it was torturous to get through this and I almost gave up. Also I'm unhappy with the scan of the painting, there seems to be a lot of lost detail. The clouds have lost a lot of subtleness and I worked in some extra colours into the main body which is completely lost. Sigh... you can tell I've been frustrated can't you.

All that aside, if you don't know who this is then go watch Ray Harryhausen's 'Jason and the Argonauts' to see this colossus in action. He's cool :) And if you haven't clicked on it yet then do so to go to my photobucket page and see it nice and large.


  1. But that frustration is something everyone goes through isn't it ?! Its great that you're allowing yourself time to do the practice work, I think playing/practice is core and yet easily overlooked with busy schedules. My last 2 hour painting lost me 2 days. Argh!

  2. Talos is always great subject matter. The extra colors show up better when I look at it full size. Pretty good for a painting that pesterd you.

  3. Hey if it wasn't frustrating it wouldn't be fun to do :) Thanks for the comments guys.

  4. May have to did out my Harryhausen DVDs... Roll on Skelly fight!

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