Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Journey into Space

It's the seventh day of Scotch Corner which makes me the last of the group (well until the sixth member appears) to post and say hello. So, very much in the style of an AA meeting...

"Hello, I'm Graeme Neil Reid and I'm a freelance illustrator". I worked in the advertising and marketing industry for a long time and six years ago became freelance with a view to stop wasting my time and pursue a career as an illustrator. It seems to be working. You can see some samples of my work at my website gnreid.co.uk and more work and textual blethering at my blog site.

Since I became freelance I pretty much developed a style that I consistently use but art itself is forever evolving and I hope to use Scotch Corner as an opportunity to try different approaches and experiment with my work. I'll not always be able to show something new (borrowed or blue) so on those days I'll dip back into my archive.


To begin its an illustration I completed a couple of weeks back for the magazine Radio Times. It was for the radio listings for a 'Play for the Day' on BBC Radio 4 of the long running sci-fi serial 'Journey into Space'. The brief called for an 'episode specific' illustration rather than a generic representation of Journey into Space, so we have the main character, Jet Morgan, and his crew mates in cryo-sleep about to be awoken by the distress call from a mysteriously abandoned space freighter, oooohhh! A lot of fun to draw.

Next week I'm going to step back in time for me and paint something traditionally. And by that I mean with a paint brush and paints and not with a stylus pen and Photoshop. I'm all ready worried about the outcome!


  1. Nice work here, Neil. First week of Scotch Corner is nearly over and a positive response from everyone. Looking forward to next week.

  2. nice pic ! radio times eh? good one.

  3. Pft. Radio Times ....? What, you think yer better than us?

    Really nice piece man. Like the vertical-ness of the composition.

  4. Ta everybody. I've no choice about the vertical-ness mate, its the dimensions they set :)

  5. One week down! We done good!

  6. Told you before man, it's a fantastic piece--love the way you've coloured the background.
    Congrats on your first week's blogging guys!

  7. I agree with Moondog, as soon as i saw this i thought classic Dan Dare. Would love to see you do a Dan/Mekon image in this style.

  8. Thanks again guys, I have drawn Dan and the Mekon a few times now but not for a while and certainly not in a finished computer coloured style. I'll maybe hunt out a painting I did of Dan and Digby years and years ago to post up when I'm short on time one week.