Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bigger guns, we're going to need bigger f****g guns!

A bit of character art this week, a ganger with a .50 clibre sniper rifle. A simple piece of portfolio work again. Was trying out a new technique with this one - transparent colour over a greyscale underpainting, rather than alla prima painting method I would usually have used. I was quite happy with the results, artist's angst aside. Perhaps he lacks a little pop in the overall scheme mind you - some warmer or colder colours worked into the shadows maybe...


  1. Jeez, that is a big rifle. Its an interesting technique and one I've thought of trying at some point myself. I know Adi Granov uses a similar technique and there used to be a great 'how to' on his website but I think its gone now.

  2. Nice, Andy. That approach works really well with your style. Have you still got a copy of the underpainting (digital paintings i assume?) to show the progress - would be interesting to see it before the colour went over.