Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guest Post - Take Part!

Would you like to take part in this Blog? Well, you can! All you need to do is send us your picture of choice (set your file to no bigger than 1000 pixels wide or high in RGB and 72dpi) to and tell us something about yourself.

We'd like to know your name, where you are from and something about the picture you are submitting. "Hey, what if I'm not Scottish, does that matter?" I hear you ask. Well, don't worry we can't all come from the sun drenched land of Scotland, but if you do let us know where you are. If you don't, let us know how we can adopt you as a Scot. Maybe a relative is Scottish? Maybe you live in Scotand? Maybe you visited Scotland? Maybe you like Scotty from Star Trek? They all sound like good reasons for you to become an adopted Scotsman and we'd like to hear from you.

Each week we'll pick a picture and you'll all get a chance to boast of your Scottish heritage, so go on get drawing!