Thursday, July 9, 2009

Second Post - Batman.

Another Thursday. Another post.

After the positive response to the Dredd piece last week I thought that Batman would be an appropriate follow up. The caped crusader profile was done on the same day as the Dredd colour test and was a direct response to the convention sketch version I have been doing for the last few shows. Again, for speed and reference, a couple of photos were taken and used as the base colour layer for this image. I worked up the texture of the leather cowl (still not quite right) and chiselled the chin into a suitablely heroic profile. Digital painting finished the piece off and overall I am very happy with the final composition. Not bad for a three hour turnaround.

Would a background help? Almost certainly, but too many choices confuse me and I would eventually spend longer deciding on a background than on completing the actual painting. Sometimes the simplest choice is the best. Having said that, next Thursday's post may well feature the Batman with a cityscape behind (same with Dredd!) Stay tuned...


  1. It'll be interesting to see what you put in as a background. Personally I like the white as obviously the focal point is the great profile of Batman and so I'll look forward to seeing if that is lost in anyway.

    I'd like to see you expand on the profile and see the back of his head and the top of his shoulders and cape. Either way its cool :)

  2. Really like the style you have used on this and the previous Dredd image. I like the leather texture as it is, it has a nice tactile feel to it. Don't think i've ever seen the nose as long as that before - love it, it makes him seem just that bit more animalistic and Bat-like, especially with the way you have cropped and coloured the ear (If you hide the exposed facial features, the cowl looks amazing and 'Batty' by itself). Top stuff!