Friday, July 3, 2009

Resident Zombie

Hi. As this is my first entry i'll say a wee bit about myself. Currently I am a digital graphic designer by day - primarily working on websites and multimedia projects for all kinds of clients. It's quite a varied job as i can be doing exhibition graphics for the SECC one minute and visual effects for video the next. Unfortunately illustration generally isn't a big part of the role (and certainly not comic art, which has been my passion since i was a toddler) so i freelance where and when possible in that field.

Anyway, on to the art. Initially i wasn't sure what to create for my first post, but after clearing out some old playstation games and doing an all nighter on an old Resident Evil game, i decided on a Zombie illustration as i hadn't done one for a while and they are always good fun to do.

The initial pencil drawing (also posted below for reference) was scanned into photoshop and digitally 'painted' there. Click on the images to view larger higher res versions. All comments are welcome.


  1. First Zombie post too! I'm sure we'll all be having a go a at a zombie or two in the future. Excellent stuff Tom, like all the flesh and hair scraped off his head textures. "Must eat braaaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss"

  2. Nice detail here, Tom. Zombies are always welcome. Looks like you have also inspired me for a future sketch with this beaut.