Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mega City One vista.

Apologies for anyone who has seen this image online at Richard Johnston was quick off the mark to notice my own Saturday posting of this image (but with hardly anyone reading my blog regularly I figured it would go unnoticed by the comics' community! ;) and it was the surprise closing highlight for Monday's entry.

Anyways... here it is. Mega City One. A version at least. I set myself a task of creating the image in a day (with Saturday F1 qualifying included) so speed was of the essence. My digital sketch references some familiar buildings and I was trying to capture the sheer scale of the city with one sweeping image. The Sergio Leone close up of Dredd is a deliberate attempt to force a contrast of scale to the image and there is more than a passing nod to Blade Runner, Fifth Element and AKIRA too. A bit of work trying to pull in all the seperate elements and lots of colour correcting and fixing of perspectives but done for the day. Pleased with the final version and not bad considering it was completed over a Saturday afternoon and early evening.

Given the extra time (and commision) I would have put in a few more radically different future buildings and vehicles. A little more time and I would have gone further into the city and lower levels. As an experiment, a success. Would I do it again? Try and stop me! Next up, Dredd's bike. Definitely needs a make-over!


  1. fantastic image gary would make a great poster.

  2. Impressive and great to see its development. Its asking to be a roll-fold Megazine cover :)

  3. Wow! Looks fantastic Gary. Espescially love the spaghetti highway detail and the futuristic buildings in the left third of the image. How did you create these - 3D? manipulated photos or hand rendered?