Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One small step...

40 years ago man first walked on the Moon, holy cow! I still find it amazing that people disbelieve it actually happened and as the years pass by it seems to be proof for those people that it couldn't have happened. I couldn't begin to go into all the arguments about it happening or not but I firmly believe it happened and if you spend even a small amount of time reading about the whole space race of the fifties and sixties you'll find it pretty hard to doubt it too.

Graeme Neil Reid,Moon,Painting,Astronaut

I wasn't alive for that historic moment when Lunar Module 'Eagle' landed at Tranquility Base or when Mission Commander Neil Armstrong descended down the ladder and said those words (on this very day 40 years ago) that everybody knows but I'll be doing my best to be around in ten or so years when the American rocket Ares returns to our neighbour or maybe it'll be the Russians or the Chinese. I guess you could say that the space race is back on again!

This is my second attempt at a traditionally painted illustration and again it's done with acrylic inks and also normal acrylic paints. I hunted out my acrylics and discovered that the majority had dried out and where useless so that trip to the art shop is really calling out to me now. I have a busy week in front me so I don't think I'll manage to continue my painting education for next week but you never know.


  1. Beautiful. Looks like you really enjoyed painting this. You can see the joy in the technique and subject matter (if those aren't too "arty" comments).

  2. really great image ,shows also how small man is in this ol' universe, i also like how you've painted the earth and shown how barren the moon is

  3. Something was really bugging me about this - something alien and weird. Then I realized it was the reds and browns in the foreground. I don't think I've ever seen in the moon not shot in monochrome :)

    Ain't it curious the way certain things get etched into your brain by the media around you. In the same way, the entire world pre-WWII is black and white.

  4. Thanks everyone. Well they did find orange dirt/rocks on the moon so I guess I could use that as an excuse :) But you are right about the look of something being etched into you, its like when they colourize old Great War footage it just looks weird.

  5. Beautiful job Mr Reid. A very calming image. I really want to take a crack at doing a space picture one day myself.

    Hey, have you guys considered adjusting your blog settings so it's just one continuous scroll all the way down, without having to click an "older posts" button? It's what I do on my blog.

  6. Thank you Leigh.

    I've changed the blog to show four weeks of work now so its a bigger hit for the viewer. Clicking a 'older posts' button shouldn't take up too much of anybodies times to see more :)

  7. Really liking your 'real paintings' Graeme. I like the use of the colour on the surface and that your 'black sky' is actualy purple - makes the image a bit more personal, unique and interesting.