Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sec and destroy!

I used to paint all the time, in fact that was all I used to do. I didn't sketch or ink line drawings, I just sat and painted day in and out. When I was at college I had a fantastic turnaround on paintings and absolutely no fear at approaching a canvas. Then I got a job and my working life with Photoshop began, first with photographic retouching but quickly I started using it for illustration work. And with that came the ability to undo any major mistakes you might have made, even before the Command Z option in Photoshop was available you could always save an illustration as you went along and so go back a generation or two of saved files to be free of any mistakes.

And so I stopped painting traditionally and everything went onto the computer. In the last fifteen years I've finished two pictures using a paint brush and paints on a board, only two! I tried about two years ago to get back into painting traditionally but it was like there was a block on how to do it, every time I started I'd hit a wall and become frustrated. But now I'm going to start again, slowly and hopefully I'll be able to get back to a stage where I'm happy to attack the canvas with vigour again.

Graeme Neil Reid,Doctor Who,Sci-fi,Dalek,Painting

To begin I'm going to paint up some sketches I produced previously and just see what happens. So this week it's a fairly straight forward portrait painting of a Doctor Who villain, the hybrid Dalek Sec. This is painted onto A4 sized paper with acrylic inks and was completed in two hours, which I'm not sure is a good thing or bad, certainly got a lot to re-learn. Fell back on a few old tricks rather than trying something completely new and I've also discovered that I need a lot of new paint and paint brushes so a trip to the art shop is due. I like acrylic ink but its more like solid watercolour than a thick paint. Time allowing I'll have another new quick painting next week, practice makes perfect or so they say.


  1. great stuff ! maybe a big break from painting is useful sometimes? this last year or so I've found myself backtracking to where I was in 1984 with paint !

  2. Lovely, Graeme. Really nice to see some honest to goodness painting.

  3. That's really nicely handled.
    Painting is such a chore purely because of mixing paint, but rewarding nonetheless

  4. Nice to see that artwork in colour!


  5. The economy of marks on his suit is doing it for me! Great stuff!