Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One week down

We come 'round to the successful end of the first week on Scotch Corner, and now I'm regretting leaping into it, over enthusiastic, and posting a broadside of three images...  But lucky for me, a new product is released by Alderac Entertainment this month, a card set for Legend of The Five Rings.  I also leapt off half cocked, and didn't really introduce myself.  I grew up in Dundee, but live and work in Edinburgh now as a freelance illustrator, mostly working in the fantasy art field, but with some diversion into educational illustration and concepting for animation.

A simple character image, a Unicorn Clan warrior woman.  I normally use Painter 9 and a little bit of photoshop, but tried out Artrage for the underpainting of this image, which proved to be a handy program to work with - some very nice chunky oil impasto effects which its good at (though they were mostly overpainted later).  Don't use Artrage as much as I should across the board though, but I'd recommend it as a very affordable digital painting tool.  Enjoy!

Image (C) Alderac Entertainment 2009
Right click and open pic in a new window for larger image


  1. You guys are doing a great job. There's some fantastic art on here, long may it continue! :)

  2. This looks the business Andy, love all the detail. Even though the background is highly detailed it doesn't fight with the character and the horse. Excellent stuff. I'm going to ask a question which I hate myself, how long did it take you?

  3. Yeah, that's fantastic Andy--a piece worthy of showing off!