Friday, July 8, 2011

July Guest - Manoel Magalhães!

1) What was your first published work?

It was an ilustration called "Puma Shaman", for an RPG magazine from Issaries Inc., back in 2003, I guess...

2) Who or what inspires you?
Well, it´s a long list... Moebius, Al Williamson, Alex Toth, Roy Crane, Alfonso Font, Corrado Mastantuono, Duncan Fegredo, Joe Kubert, Will Eisner, Pierre Alary, Denis Bodart... I better stop here, it would take many lines to point them all!

3) What would be your dream job to illustrate?

My dream job? My own projects being published by some major house! And I´m almost there...

4) Tell us a bit about the illustration you've sent?

Well, one of them is the page of a comisson job I´ve been working for some time. It´s a graphic novel about the great british explorer Colonel Fawcett. The other one is when I started trying out my tablet and the use of colors. The other one is when I woke up one day and wondered: "how´s my work with pencils? Let´s check it out!"

5) What can we expect to see from you next (what are you working on)?

I´ve got a sci-fi project called COLONEL, which´s about to be published by Blackline Comics, and I am finishing a new one called SYNCHRONICITY, another sci-fi.

6) If you hadn't become an artist what do you think you'd have ended up doing?

I´d be a very unhappy person...

7) Where can we see more of your work (web links)?

Take a look at my blog:

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