Friday, September 18, 2009

You won't like me when i'm angry, ya bam!

Another wee experiment this week based on a classic Lou Ferringo Hulk pose. It's actually 95% vector with a touch of photoshop for the radiation/glow effect. The vector part was drawn up and coloured in Flash (shown below), i still actually prefer to draw in Flash rather than illustrator as i can get much more variance in the lines and love that you can mold your lines in a putty like fashion. If i ever get round to getting a wacom i may move over to illustrator but for all i 'draw' digitally anyway then Flash suits me fine. Basically just a case of spotting my blacks and adding some shadow/colour blocks as vectors and then off to photoshop to tweak and effects.

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  1. Hee hee, that's cool. I was thinking a while back that my love for certain Marvel characters probably comes more from the TV adaptions of them than actually the comics. So Spider-man and the Hulk are fond favourites of mine. I did watch the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferringo Hulk show religiously and was always amused at the opening credits when he lost his temper changing a car tyre in the rain :) Easy pushed over the edge methinks.

    Never thought of using Flash to colour before, mind you its been a long time since I used Flash for anything so maybe it'll make a good experiment for me during a quite period.

    I did like the Hulk but my teenage self 'loved' Wonder Woman, cor Lynda Carter did something for me (ahem).