Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New day, new work

Some brand new work today, an illo for Cubicle Seven's Victoriana RPG. Victoriana is a steam-punk setting in the middle of the 19th century where magic and steam-tech live side by side. Here we have a member of Britain's Wyvern Regiment, in the uniform of a Hussar from the crimean campaign. A lot of fun to do this one, again a pencil and digital work, and especially nice to have a little job which plays to a lot of things which I'm interested in.

Many thanks to Cubicle Seven for letting me post this so far ahead of the publishing date. (C) Cubicle Seven 2009.


  1. And I thought I wrote mixed up stories! Lol
    Would I be right in suggesting that your pieces have less drawing in them and more painting these days?

  2. it varies considerably from image to image, Tommi. I think I generally do more digital painting, but not in this specific case.