Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Competition - The Result!

Hot from Jon's keyboard!

After much consideration, I have finally come to a decision. This was not easy, and I was torn between several very funny, several very heartfelt and creative, and several very worthy entries. However, without further ado, the print will go to: Brian Woods for his comment:

You know, I have been in Ukraine for two years teaching English to kids who don't understand how valuable the language is to them. Some art like this, though...it might inspire them to work a little harder.

How could I pass on that one? An honourable mention for David Wright. Let's hook up for a signing, and I'll bring a load of prints! Thanks to everyone who entered. Now all of you enter Graeme's contest, along with a load of other people and make me look rubbish for being overwhelmed by 18 entries.


Congratulations Brian, your prize will be on its way just as soon as we receive your details!

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