Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tell me what you see...

Rorschach,Watchmen,Painting,Graeme Neil Reid,illustration

Walter Joseph Kovacs, A.K.A. Rorschach. If you didn't read the twelve issue comic series started in 1986 you might have read the various editions of the collected graphic novel and if not you'll have at least heard of the movie. This was done in acrylics and was obvious reminder to me how easy it is to put a block of yellow colour on a picture on a computer but not so easy with a small brush. Three coats of yellow later and it was okay, just.

I'll let Rorschach tell you what he sees to finish off.

"This rudderless world is not shaped by vague metaphysical forces. It is not God who kills the children. Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs. It's us. Only us."


  1. Absolutely fantastic piece - screams off the page with a really, really nice composition and cracking colour choices!

  2. Yep! I'd mind that on my wall for you ;)

  3. ol' diamond dave gibbons would like that ,great image for a tee me thinks :-)

  4. That's Fab, Neil. Rorschach really suits your style. More Watchmen to come?

  5. Cheers everyone. Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing the Comedian too if I get the chance. One to add to a very long list.