Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doomed! Yer all doomed!

Cursitor Doom,illustration,Comic,Graeme Neil Reid

Pencil drawing this week as time has be short for many different reasons. I tend to do my pencil drawings quite finished, and by that I mean that even if I see some things in my pencilling that I'll change when I go to ink it or colour it I'll still want a 'finished' looking product. This drawing for instance has had all the dark areas shaded in with pencil rather than just indicating (usually with an X mark) where the black areas will be and so although not the final product in my eye it'll still interest the hopefully buying public as a more finished piece. It makes a good alternative purchase for someone who may not have enough spare cash to buy the finished illustration but will happily buy a 'finished' looking pencil piece.

The illustration is of 'Cursitor Doom' master-investigator of the strange and mystic and his trusty companion 'Scarab' the raven. Cursitor Doom ran in the pages of 'Smash' a UK comic in the late 60s and early 70s and apart from some reprints and cameo appearances in other stories was long gone before I was born. However, a new collection of the strips published by 'Bear Alley Books' (the Bear Alley Books website is currently on hold but here is a link to the Bear Alley website run by Steve Holland, I couldn't actually see any links on the site showing how to purchase the book but there are contact details if anyone interested)is available and I heartily recommend the title. With the majority of artwork produced by Eric Bradbury, who worked on so many of my favourite titles including 'The Dracula Files' in 'Scream' and 'Doomlord' in 'Eagle', this is a great collection. The stories are presented in their original three page instalments and are a classic example of wonderfully inventive and enthralling British comics.

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