Friday, September 11, 2009

Which way now?

Recently came across this 'puzzle page' that i did for Marvel UK way back in the dawn of time. This is one of the few jobs that i still have a copy of as I did quite a few bits for them that have been 'lost' to time, this was back before i had access to a decent copier and way before i had my own PC and scanner (probably still got the invoices and receipts - just not copies of the work). Don't know what happened to the original artwork for most of the stuff and the majority of it was never actually published, for instance this was for a proposed kids superhero puzzle magazine - a lot of the stuff i did fell under that kind of category. Anyhoo, the editor moved over to Northern Shell (as Marvel UK imploded) who were starting up Action Man and i was getting my first crack at a regular comic strip gig. But unfortunately the editor fell off the face of the planet (never really found out what happened there) and the new guy went with his own artists.
As i had given up the day job it was the dole, back to my old job or art school (yep, somehow i had managed to get work from them without ever having done any art qualifications or even going to a life drawing class - the irony being that now that i 'know' what i'm doing i can't get a foot in the door -anyhoo, them's the breaks). So i ended up at Art school (i didn't even have an art folio and had to do a folio year before i could even apply) and drifted towards graphic design before doing my masters in Interactive Technology ending up with my current day job of web and graphic designer. Right - gonna shut up now - how did that end up as a life story?

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  1. Mr Fantastic should concentrate on what he's supposed to be doing rather than making up puzzles :) Marvel UK come back and employ us all please!