Thursday, September 10, 2009

Avilés or bust!

Graeme here, posting for Gary who has flown away to Spain to attend the Avilés Comic Festival (lucky so and so). Knowing the excitement brought on by being set loose from his drawing board its not surprising that Gary has forgotten to set his post for the day so as a fill in this week I've found an old interview Gary did with Wakefield Carter about his work on the updated Dan Dare series. Go have a read here.


  1. Gary, maybe it's just seeing some of your work in black and white that has made me think this - as I've never noticed it before on your work - but something about those faces (particularly the last panel) really reminds me of Bob McLeod's work. Just my imagination or is he someone you like and 'channel'?

  2. Ola! Gary here in Aviles, Spain. Wif-f sadly lacking here and I missed my Thursday post. Apologies for all! Normal service will esume next week when I will be posting as normal.

    Thanks to Graeme for bailing me out at the last minute. The Wakefield interview is my favourite for Dan Dare and was used for a further pulications. It was a wondeful bnook to work on and received many kind words from old and new fans alike.

    See you all next week!