Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Doctor Who,illustration,Graeme Neil Reid,Inks

Not long to go now for current Doctor, David Tennant. The autumn special 'Waters of Mars' will be aired soon (and it looks terrifying to me) and then its a quick hop and skip to Christmas and the two episode weep fest that will see his end.

No matter what you think of Doctor Who you have to take your hat off to the BBC for making it into the family show and long may it continue. I've thoroughly enjoyed David's run as the Doctor and I'll be sad to see him go but its always fun to witness a new regeneration in the series and with a complete change behind the scenes too including the brilliant writer Steven Moffat taking over as 'head honcho' then I'm looking forward to next years series with Matt Smith stepping into the Tardis.


  1. Nice. Love the composition and the Space background really sets it off well.
    As an aside, whenever I hear about the new Doctor, I get confused for a moment and have a vision of Tharg popping his head out of the Tardis...

  2. Lovely stuff man. Really like the effects in the background. Great likeness too.

  3. Cheers. I bet a lot of comic readers where confused by that one Kev. For those unsure about it all Matt Smith is also the name of 2000AD's editor.