Saturday, September 26, 2009

August Competition Update!

We've had word through from the winner of the August competition here on Scotch Corner, Brian Woods, that the prize and other goodies sent by Jon have arrived safely in Ukraine and are thoroughly admired and enjoyed by all. Check this out:

The tube of amazingness arrived yesterday. I have to say, the students from today were very impressed with the artwork. I took the picture with our 2nd form students. It's their first year of English. I told them that maybe today they don't know enough but I hope one day they will write stories about what they see in those pictures!

Thank you very much for the poster and prints. They will look great hanging in our classroom!

Many thanks to the 2nd Form students at Bakhchisaray School No. 1 in Crimea, Ukraine for the brilliant photograph, their teachers Amet Bekirov and Brian Woods who is a Peace Corps volunteer working with them. Brian finishes by saying:

Thank you guys again for the prints. They are really magnificent. I finish my volunteer teaching here in November, and it makes me glad to think that these prints will be decorating the classroom for years after I am gone.

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