Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Auld Man

Painting,Graeme Neil Reid

This is another delve back into my long distant archive, in fact it's such a dip back that I can't even remember what year I painted it. I believe it was either in the last year of being in college or having just started full time work so that would make it about 1992 or 93 ish (maybe?). It was certainly among one of the last fully traditional paintings I did for a long time and was painted in acrylics (base) and oils.

I don't own many of my own paintings from back then having given most of them away (in fact a friend asked me when I was going to become famous as he has a pile of my work waiting to go on Ebay, cheeky sod) but I found this the other day and was dismayed to discover that a previous image painted underneath this was seeping its way through the painting, urgh.

I found this JPG of the painting on an old CD and it seems its the only version of the painting I have and far too small to be of any use other than for you to look at it so there you go. For those unsure of the location it's rocky hills on the Isle of Skye called 'The Storr' and the tallest pointy pinnacle thing you can see is affectionately called 'The Auld (Old) Man of Storr'.

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  1. Sorry to hear the original de-grenerated, its a cracking painting.I really dig the detailing and colouring.