Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where is my spare time??

A couple of pages from another project I try to work on in my spare time - a story about redcoats, sorcery and faerie in different quantities. The greyscale piece I posted a few weeks ago is from the same extended project and sadly I've not had much time to work on it recently, although from another point of view I'm very happy to have been so busy. If only life was perfect, huh?

Although this part of the story is set around 1808, some of the costume details are wrong (some intentionally so, and some not!). Napoleonic era costume is a horrible minefield of ever changing details (the redcoats are wearing the Belgic shako, which wasn't used, I think, until about 1812 and don't even get me started on hussars, elite companies, colpacs, mirlitons, tarletons dolmans and pelisses) even within the same regiment at the same time.

I know how to make life difficult, eh?

In the future I'll put some kind of tone onto these, possibly photoshop greyscale tone, or digital screen tone from Manga Studio (Which is a nice, affordable, specifically comic oriented digital drawing program - Gary, I think mentioned if a few posts ago and its worth getting if you do a lot of digital inking, I reckon)

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  1. Interesting stuff and I can sympathise with the uniform issues, ran into that quite a bit on a job where I spent much more time checking the accuracy than actually drawing the thing.