Monday, August 17, 2009

JonDay: Forgive me John Constable

For I Have sinned.
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Cover to the forthcoming Cthulu Britannia from Cubicle 7 Entertainment.

Clicken Sie für der Biggar:


  1. Ha! Brilliant Jon. I must have looked a print of the original painting everyday for 14 odd years when I was young. My grandfather had a very large print of this in his living room and when I was three we moved into his house and it stayed in its place until we moved out. Gawd knows what happened to it.

    Love it mate, and Cthulhu was always a favourite of mine back in my teenage roleplaying years.

    Is that a spaceship in the background?

  2. Heh! That's brilliant Jon. Fantastic stuff.

  3. Nice and subversive image here! Almost has a Banksy feel to it? Love it.