Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Comical Andy

A page from a comic I try to work on in my spare time (though there is precious little advance in the number of pages of late). I really get a kick out of writing and drawing comic pages, but my main business is illustration, so much less specialized than the discipline of sequential work which perhaps is a slightly different skill set to my normal work. But its a skill set I enjoy exploring whenever I get the chance.

Again, digital tone on top of a greyscale pencil drawing, mostly done with Painter 9.5 and a Wacom Intuos 3.

EDIT: image removed during a routine clearout. noffink to se here...


  1. It's superb! I'd love to see/read the whole thing. The midtones are really successful.

  2. Lovely panels, the second is a triumph!- they seem very labor intensive though for a full story... not that I wouldn't love to see that.
    Saw hitchcock's entry on the Blog too... perhaps the Ninjas could talk a bit about self-publishing in the comic world one day