Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr Cawber visits the 13th Floor!

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Following on from Tom's painting from the film 'Scream' a couple of weeks back here's an illustration from the series 'The Thirteenth Floor' from the UK weekly comic 'Scream'. The comic was very short lived lasting only fifteen weeks back in 1984 but a large portion of the strips went onto appear in 'Eagle' and where very well received.

The Thirteenth Floor was written by Judge Dredd writers John Wagner and Alan Grant under the pseudonym Ian Holland but the stand out item for me was the art of Spanish illustrator José Ortiz who just breathed life into the strip. The story centred around an apartment building called Maxwell Tower where a 'big brother' style computer called 'Max' looked after the welfare of all his residents. As with a lot high rise buildings, due to superstition, the 13th floor of the building was missing from the elevator listing but if you crossed Max by upsetting any of his residents then you could be sure to visit that missing 13th floor. As was the case for bailiff Mr Cawber whose visit to Mr and Mrs Bickle in apartment 4F caused much distress for all involved, needless to say Max sorted it all out.


  1. I have vague recollections of this from when I was a kid, really like your take on it and the colouring works really nicely

  2. Graeme, I love you.

    You know why.

  3. Thank you guys.

    Leigh, I know you love me but its always nice to hear you tell me :)

  4. Nice image, Neil. I remember Scream and Jose Ortiz' work was particularly good. This image really captures the spooky horror and tone of the strip. Kinda nostalgic for the old Eagle days.

  5. Fantastic picture. Great to see the colours bring out a whole new dimension to the pic.

    You can find loads more on the Scream fansite www.backfromthedepths.co.uk