Thursday, August 27, 2009

Demonic Angel.

Something from the vaults this week.

Here is a sketch I did way back in '95 or '96 at Gencon in Loughborough, England. I was invited down that year because of my work on Star Wars and Terminator which appealed to the sci-fi part of the convention. Unlike Jon Hogdson, I had little or no experience of fantasy work (or vampires) and most of the audience that week were looking for dragons or nymphs or Lestat. Boy, was I out my depth. No X-Wing requests or a metal-faced Arnie? What's a second rate Marvel artist to do?

Thankfully the crowd were very friendly (especially the toothy vampire set) and they helped me with some of the sketches. This photocopy is all that remains of one of my favourite sketches from the event. Can't remember exactly what kind of creature she was meant to be (definitely not a Harpie) but she did start out as the very different Star Wars related character Oola (coincidentally, the actress Femi Taylor was also attending the convention alongside the usual fan favourites)

Gencon was a tremendously enjoyable experience and I would look forward to attending more of these fantasy based events in the future. The crowd were incredibly enthusiastic and friendly.


  1. She's well hot.

    It'd be funny if she stood up and the space-bat-angel-dragon was just a statue behind.

  2. Damn fine convention sketch especially as you've chosen to do something that needs the anatomy to look good.

  3. I love the play of light across this image, Gary. Really effective!

    I think that convention might have been the first I ever did, and much fun it was too! The vampire set left quite an impression...

  4. Wow! Can't believe that's classed as a sketch. How long did you spend on it? It's awesome. Class, man.