Friday, August 7, 2009

First Stab

Stab as in the movie within the movie from the Scream Trilogy and also because this is my first stab at using Artrage. I needed to create something quickly and totally digitally this week as i'm off mucking about with the kids for a week and my home scanner has given up the ghost.

Jon's earlier post led me in the direction of Artrage and so i downloaded the limited trial version. Considering the price it's a pretty nice and intuitive bit of software and i will probably shell out for the full version as i can see me using it again. I pretty much got the feel i was after for this image without too much grief although i did cheat a bit and added the bloodsplats and drips from the knife in photoshop just to save me some time.

Definately a nice tool to add to my arsenal and i'm sure once i get round to ditching the mouse in favour of a tablet and pen it will be even better.