Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a little bit of process

Putting up an image today which shows a little bit of what I'd like my typical process to be. I say "like my typical process to be" because to be absolutely honest I rarely do things the same way twice in a row. I do usually sketch in pencil, and often do a warm ochre-ish under painting, but after that it starts to vary.

Sometimes I'll work on a 'multiply' or 'overlay' layer of colour, or sometimes (in this case) opaque paint straight away. Often its easy to get pulled into details right away and concentrate on the image section by section, but here I tended to work on the image as a whole, which is considered the more correct way to go.

Another card for legend of The Five Rings (working on an NDA'd project for the last 4 months...) today, character art showing a Matsu clan archer. (C) Alderac entertianment 2009


  1. Great to see the process on this and the final image is brilliant, love all the folds and the greens coming into the shadows. Also the added arrows on the top left really adds to the action.

  2. wow ! I love your work Andy, gorgeous to see how it evolves !

  3. Rhis is painfully brilliant Andy. Curse you.

  4. This is quite possibly the most gorgeous piece I have seen from you so far. Kinda references Hero but with a completely different colour pallette. Absolutely brilliant.

    Thanks also for including the seperate stages to show your progress on the piece. You appear to have missed out (or forgotten to include) the many years of shear hard work and graft and immense talent you already have but still a delight to see.