Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Guest Post - Dave Hitchcock!

This Sunday we are treated to a new page of comic art by a master of the UK's small press/independent press scene. As you'll read Dave has been involved in creating his own stories for a long time and his work just gets better and better with each story. A distinctive style, impressive design, layout and execution of his art are not the only weapons in Dave's arsenal he's also an entertaining and imaginative author and I can recommend tracking down his back catalogue to anybody. Here's what Dave had to say for himself:

Thanks for giving me 'Adopted Scotsman' status! When I was asked to participate in this great site I hadn't got a clue what to write about, then it dawned on me that I'll be celebrating my 10th year in self publishing (I'm not counting the photocopied stuff I did before that). Ten years, jeez where does the time go? My first book was SPIRIT of the HIGHWAYMAN, which seems to have become somewhat of a cult item nowadays. I followed that with WHITECHAPEL FREAK, and then a few years after came SPRINGHEELED JACK, with a few short stories dotted about here and there. Currently I'm drawing a samurai tale which is fairly hush, hush right now, so I can't say that much about it but here's a recent page anyhow. After this I would like to get back to SHJ at some point but with Diamond (the comics shipping catalogue) cutting off most small press publishers, even though they take the lion's share (60 per cent) it could well be back to photocopying again, as most print costs do relay on big runs to make them cost effective.

Actually though, it might give a creator a little 'exclusivity' back again eh? What do you think? Is a photocopied small-numbered run the future for small press?

This has just reminded me that a few weeks ago there was a GLOWING article on the net about DC's WEDNESDAY COMICS, a newsprint title which is selling like hot cakes. Diamond would not list my last endeavour, GOTHIC....BECAUSE it was on newsprint! It was a collection of old and new stuff, more a 'portfolio' if you will, which even had a Mike Mignola quote on the front, I thought by having his very gracious remarks gracing the cover it would shift a few. So far I've had to hawk them round shows myself, and I've still got a good 1500 in neat bundles in the spare room. I didn't mean to turn this into a gripe, blame Previews, I'm sure many small press publishers are in the same boat.

Many thanks Dave, not only do we get to see an exclusive new page but you also manage to get a swipe in at Diamond for abandoning many brilliant small press publishers. You can keep up to date with Dave's work at his website, be sure to check out some of the amazing private commissions he's worked on.

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  1. great work by david ,i bought springheeled jack a few years ago its a brilliant book ,david should be working with dark horse and be more of a name in the u.s

    i'll be checking out his samurai work when it gets published, thanks for showing the work.

  2. Ha ha Eee Up David! I used to know you many moons ago when you were selling comics through Travelling Man, and I was the comics specialist in the Leeds shop. I do believe we struck up a bit of an email chat around that time.

    Great to see you still at it, and doing so well!

  3. Hi both Jons,thanks for taking the time to comment, you are both outstanding artists so it's even more sweet to get comments from guys that are in the business. I nearly mananged a gig at Dark Horse some time back, first with Scott Allie, then a few years back Mike Mignola asked if I'd be interested in doing a comic (wow, was I)... it turned out to be Witchfinder, which looks lovely, but sadly another artist got the opportunity.

    Big congrats on the Classical Comics work Jon. And t'other Jon--- WOW, that colouring technique is something to behold, sir.