Friday, August 28, 2009

Lady of the night

Didn't think i'd manage anything new this week, but managed to squeeze some Vampirella in. Decided not to go for the standard cheesecake/softporn poses that are standard for the character (the costume pretty much does that by itself anyway). So tried to create a pose where she is doing some inner soul-searching and wrestling with her inner demons and guilt about the life she needs to live and how she needs to feed to survive.

Another experiment with Artrage on this one. I painted over my pencil drawing in Artrage and then took the painted file into photoshop for some tidying up. Not sure if i'm completely happy with the outcome but a good learning curve never the less and it certainly gives it a different look and feel than a photoshop only 'painting' job.

Oh, and a wee extra pencil sketch of Vampy below too.


  1. I must admit to not knowing anything about Vampirella, I know who she is and I can probably guess what she's all about but I've never understood (apart from the obvious) what the attraction is about her?

    Still nice continued experimentation with ArtRage and your figure work on Vampy reminds me of Ian Gibson's work which is always nice :)

  2. Yeah her popularity is pretty much the obvious. The Morrison relaunch years back was the last time i tried to read reguarly. I have picked up the odd issue here and there as she has been graced with some pretty top notch artists now and again - Alan Davis, Gary Frank, Tex etc. Worth picking up, just for the art, are the really old Black and white issues from the Warren period with the likes of Esteban Maroto and Neal Adams - miles better than a lot of stuff published today.

  3. Definitely a Mark Texeira vibe going on there. He's always been one of my favourite artists you're definitely channelling Tex with this one Tom. Very cool.