Monday, August 3, 2009

Holy Heck it's Monday!

Afternoon all!

Last week I got my complimentary copies of The Eberron Campaign Guide from Wizards of the Coast. So I'm safe to post the couple of pieces I did for that book.

Image Hosted by
(C)2008 Wizards of the Coast. All Rights Reserved

Bigger version is hier:

It's funny, the lead times on those books is so long that the work feels very alien to me by the time it is released. Hey ho, all part of the job.

I've also been messing about on Ustream. You can see my initial crash test dummy run here: wherein I paint a really rough face in 6 minutes or so in Artrage.


  1. Nice work Jon, are these for character sheets or something? Nice video too, you've mention ArtRage before so its good to see it in action. Hope to see some more!

  2. Some really lovely design work here, Jon. Always good to see the hard work that goes into designing characters. The choices made of weapon and attire are not simple ones. The addition of the crests was particularly nice too and adds to the overall piece.