Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Guest Post - Gibson Quarter!

Loads of goodies to see in this super-sized guest post from Toronto's finest, Gibson Quarter!

Hi Gang!

I'm Gibson Quarter and I'm a comic penciller. I'm currently published in 'Wasted' with Alan Grant - we do the 'War on Drugs' strips. I'm also a semi-regular for the Futurequake boys. I've been in past (and upcoming!) issues of Zarjaz and Futurequake . Details of this work and lots of other goodies can be found on my blog at:

While I'm not OFFICIALLY Scottish, I'm happy to report that I'm the next best thing...Canadian! ;-)

I do have a great number of Scottish friends and hope to make more at next years Bristol Con, which I'm booked in to attend. Please came by and say hi! I'll be the one talking to Gary Erskine with a funny accent!

All the best, Gibson Quarter

And for extra goodies Gary has supplied us with two pages of Gibson's work which Gary inked for "War on Drugs' in Wasted.

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