Thursday, December 3, 2009


Another sketch from Lille. Death is becoming my second faourite sketch after Oola, the Twi' lek. More cheesecake but prettier than Dredd. I added a flock wallpaper background to the sketch for texture (and in keeping with the character) Finishes off the picture nicely. Chris Bachalo was the artist who most inspired this piece. He really captured that young Gothic emo-chic look beautifully in the Gaiman series. Fragile and delicate. Like a young Siouxsie Sioux?

Would probably continue to work on some more images of Death. Maybe for a future post?


  1. I'd reckon she's a pretty popular convention sketch. Nice work. I've drawn the Sandman before but I'd like to give her a crack too and so would Andy by the sounds of it :)