Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Competition - Make 'Yours' Marvel!

We'd love to show you the prize for this month but it doesn't exist... well not yet anyway. Tom will be giving one lucky winner the chance to receive an original pencilled illustration of a Marvel character and they get to choose which character they'd like! That's right Tom will actually draw the winners requested choice of Marvel character and send it off to them.

And we all know how much Tom likes to draw Marvel superheroes, remember this piece from a couple of weeks back!

All you need to do to enter this competition is tell us which Marvel character you'd like drawn and why you should win, how easy is that! So leave your comments and as always any kind of comment counts but you have to make sure you think about it as you can only enter once, so make it funny, make it complimentary, make it a song, make it weird, make it anything you want but make your comment count. Please make sure that if you do not have a Blogger profile email address that you leave a contact email after your comment.

Terms of entry: 1. Only one entry per person. 2. Comments must be left by the end of 31st December 2009 to be entered into the competition. 3. The contributors to Scotch Corner will judge the comments left and decide a winner with the contributor supplying the prize having the casting vote. 4. The winner will be announced on the website as soon as a decision has been reached. 5. If the winner does not have a contact email address available on their comment profile then it is the winners responsibility to contact Scotch Corner at scotchcorner@me.com and supply mailing address details. 6. If the winner does not contact us after one full month a new winner will be chosen. 7. All decisions are final. 8. If you are unhappy with any of these conditions please do not enter.


  1. Mr Sinister!
    There is no other villain with this kind of style, track record or just plain evil bad breath!

    - Dillon Langlands, frostbrandartstudio@gmail.com

  2. I'd go with Green Goblin, as all goblins should be green and the character is one of my favourite villains. :) roma912@gmail.com

  3. The 16th of december was my birthday and GARY ERSKINE FORGOT ABOUT IT (shame on him!). I told him that to make amend and earn my forgiveness he should offer a naked Wolverine and my ire would be placated. Now the prize for the december competition is a Marvel character...I really think Fate is trying to tell you people of the Scotch Corner something...so, dear Tom, my request is obviously Wolverine (the more X-rated, the better!). If you don't like the idea... well, be angry with Gary, it's his fault, anyway...(or you can always choose another winner and I will keep tormenting Gary for my Wolverine as I've been doing since I met him...)
    Merry Christmas to all of you!
    Anna burningdaylight@hotmail.com

  4. Please draw The Punisher (Frank Castle). What's unique about him is that he doesn't have any superpowers like most Marvel characters do. Instead, he relies on weapons and tactical planning to combat his enemies.

    Frank will never compromise his stance on wiping out criminals. Frank can look after himself. If Frank doesn't at first succeed in his attack (and is possibly injured), he can quickly patch himself up at a rendezvous and raise his game in the next round. That is what I like about him. Totally organised and always planning ahead.

    Other superheroes have it too easy; in their big and polished headquarters, they will cry on their supermates' shoulders and then all of them will round on said villain.

    Frank is on his own in a dingy motel, oiling his M60, ready for round two. There will be not a round three.

    John Owens

  5. I would like to design one, however I am still studying drawing, and really I think I'm not ready for this challenge. Maybe next years I will be prepare for it and I'll do my best effort.