Monday, December 7, 2009

Jonday Smush

Quickie sketch what I just drawn!
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  1. Very nice, you can't beat a bit of Mongrol

  2. I was thinking that looked like Mongrol from 2000AD ABC Warriors!Good sketch.

  3. Damn you internet! I spelled his name right the first time on my gut, and then bowed to a google search, replacing the second o with an e. DAMMIT

    I mean thanks guys!

    Hey I just pulled ABC Warriors: Book Four off my shelf for the first time in probably a decade, and poor SMS right next to a young vigourous Bisley! These days I can appreciate the Moebius influence in what SMS was trying to do, but back in the day I was all like "what the hell is this stuff?" bring back teh Biz!

  4. I still have a lot of my old 2000 AD's.I collected them from prog 1(remember the space spinner free gift?)I have yet to see a comic with such raw ideas and artistic talent.It definately inspired me artistically.

    Nice trip down memory lane Jonny boy!:)

  5. Ditto to you Jon, poor SMS didn't stand a chance back then against the 'wonder kid on the block'. Like you said, looking back you can appreciate the work he did but Bisley's style hit the mark right away and was instantly popular so to be suddenly changed to SMS's work it was a raw deal for him.

  6. Gorgeous sketch, thanks for sharing.