Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Strong arm tactics!

Worlds Strongest Man,Graeme Neil Reid,illustration,advert

I've recently finished a job illustrating an animated advert promoting the 'Worlds Strongest Man' competition for Virgin's digital channel 'Bravo'. I've written a piece about the work which you can read over on my blog. This was a lot fun to do and I hope I get to do some more. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great holiday!

All of this work is © 2009 Virgin Media.


  1. Just caught that ad last night and thought it looked like something that would suit your style - didnt actually think it was your work for a second though. Brilliant use of your style - did you animate too?

  2. No mate, production company called Mainframe down in London did the animation.

  3. Cool work Graeme! Very Impressive.

    Happy Christmas mate.

  4. Check out my verification word below!


  5. Ha, that's weirdly close isn't it. Merry Christmas Andy.