Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bounty be some trouble ahead!

Illustration,sketch,ink,Graeme Neil Reid

Just like Jon said yesterday I've also done pretty much nothing since around last Wednesday and have been enjoying a great Christmas break. I broke my 'break' yesterday afternoon to do a quick ink and colour pen sketch of that famous bounty hunter from the Star Wars films 'Boba Fett'.

Fett was probably the first 'cool' character in my young eyes that I instantly disowned my affection for when he so stupidly died early on in 'The Return of the Jedi'. Never judge a book by its cover goes the saying and indeed Boba Fett looked the part but when it came down to it he was a costumed dork. I remember waiting throughout the rest of the film the first time I saw it for his triumphant return as surely he couldn't have just been finished off by a hole in the ground with some bendy teeth sticking out of it (remember kids this was the pre-CGI version on the big screen). What a disappointment Boba Fett turned out to be.

Enjoy what is left of 2009 and have a great Hogmanay!


  1. Amen sir! It was hardly a fitting end for the guy in the Galaxy's greatest costune was it? Fine sketch though.

  2. Boba and all the bounty hunters were under used I remember spending a summer waiting for Dengar to arrive after sending the proof of purchases off only for him to arrive in a tiny white box looking somewhat feeble. But he had looked so cool in the film! Great sketch might we see the rest of the Bounty hunters one day

  3. Memory flashback with the little cardboard white box in the post. Remember the Darth collector box you could collect for too? Needless to say I never owned one, too many tokens needed for that.

  4. Not enough patience either I had toyed with doing "a Half Remembered Tale" about it but decided it was too close to a Paul Pope strip.