Wednesday, December 2, 2009

October and November Competition Winners!

Two winners to announce. First up is the November winner for Gary's superb signed and sketched hardback book of the 'Lords of Misrule'. And the prize goes to Josie P. Jacobi (posting as Herne) for her amazingly long comment. Gary had this to say of the winner:

My choice for the winner is Josie P. Jacobi. Granted there are two parts to the entry but I don’t register it as a double vote. Twitter frustrates me so much with the 140 character limit so I understand where Josie is coming from with an enforced mark. A hugely mammoth entry. Glad she spent the time writing in for the competition.

And we also had our first 'no show' for our October competition and sticking to our own rules a new winner has been selected, and the prints go to Atom for his Goblin Market Report comment.

Both winners will be contacted shortly.


  1. "Default...Default" My favourite word in the English language...(Oh! And beer)

    Thanks Andy & Co!They shall have pride of place on my living room wall.

  2. My god, you have no idea of how amazed I am that I won. 'Lords of Misrule' is one of my favourite comics and I'll certainly treasure this :) Thank you, Gary, for the kind words and for deciding not to count the two part story in the comments as two separate entries. I'm glad to hear that you liked it.

    As for the other contest winner announced, it's a shame that the first winner never did 'show up', but it is nice to see that the second winner definitely has. Congratulations, Atom!

  3. Congratulations yourself Herne, I'm glad to here to Lords of Misrule comics are going to a worthy home.My commiserations to the first winner that failed to show up too, but I'm more than happy to be the second choice!