Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simple Character

A simple bit of character design today for a company logo (text required). The client wanted simple bold flat colours and clean line work. For someone who enjoys the intricacies of details it was a lot of fun to do something at the other end of the spectrum. For and (C) Reality Deviant Publications, now Gunmetal Games.


  1. s'nice stuff, I'd like to see you do a bit more line work with flatter colours. She's got a gun Hellboy would like :)

  2. Now this is really great! It's a good reminder to us all: if it don't work simple then it won't work complex- no matter how many guns, knives and mystic accoutrements we cover it in.
    I was first taken in by your comic superflat characters anyway so thanks for another one. Face maybe could use a tweak from my point of view, but that is subjective to what I like in faces perhaps.