Friday, August 26, 2011

The Red Skull

This was a freebie sketch done for one of the punters at our recent appearance at the Kingdom of Adventure game/comic shop in Kirkaldy (thanks to Dave for having us). I've added a quick dash of colour over the photo here just for the sake of it. For those paying attention (obviously not me) i should have been posting the last of my A-Z's this week but forgot over the Scotch Corner holiday -** huge thanks to all of the incredibly talented guys who have been posting here for the last month or so (and of course to Graeme too as he organised it all) **- when i realised i thought about quickly doing someone like Zzaax as that's all of a five minute job but then thought of a (hopefully) better idea but it's way more time consuming so it'll have to be Z for... next week instead.

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