Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holmes and Watson

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,Sherlock Holmes

These two ink sketches where a first try out with some new Copic Ciao pens that I bought recently. I've been a steadfast user of Promarkers for colouring my sketches but I wanted to give Copic a go, and I have to say with mixed results. I love the brush feel to the Copic and in fact no matter how I scanned them in I couldn't quite capture some of the levels of tone the pens produced but I dislike the patchy effect of laying on blocks of colour. For instance the jacket Holmes is wearing is very patchy and if I'd coloured that with Promarkers it wold have been a lot smoother. Still it's with experimenting that you get to know what your equipment can do. The sketches themselves are of Jeremy Brett as Holmes and David Burke as Watson from the excellent Granada Television series. Holmes was done in the Cool Grey range and Watson in the Warm Grey range, rather suitable for those characters I think.

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,Watson,Sherlock Holmes

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