Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ye Gods!

The thing about being a freelance artist is that you never ( NEVER! ) have any downtime. Seriously , you need to be doing something about the job you have next or the job you have after that or ( as in this case ) the job I'm likely to be doing around the end of next year.

So this book is set during the golden age of Athens ( the 5th Century BC ) and it's written by Martin Millar. I lose count of the number of things that Martin and I have discussed working on together over the last 20 years or so. This one is the charm though. I'll keep you posted.

On a technical note, this sketch was inked with a 'Somerville Spear' pen nib, possibly the finest pen nib I have ever used. This thing is just the most lovely thing I have ever used to draw with , it's sublime. It is also hasn't been made in 60 years, is very very rare and lasts about a day. I have one left....


  1. Ebay, sell that nib :) Last time I tried using a nib to ink I spent about a week in foul mood. Nice work, personal project to be finished in another 20 years or so?

  2. Currently needing some sample art, then a publisher.

  3. You're tempting me to get out my real ink and Japanese nibs to have a play around and some fun with good materials :)