Friday, June 18, 2010


This was done in my last year of art school, i had been uploading various bits of work onto portfolio sites touting for some work and had been contacted by various companies and done bits and bobs here and there and everything had gone smoothly until this job.

I went back and forward with the 'art director' of a 'new start up' record label and all seemed to be going fine, scamps approved etc until the completion of the job. Art files were approved and delivered to the client... and then he disappeared off the planet, email address went dead and after research on the company i found out it didn't officially exist. Can't imagine what use the files were to him withoiut going to 'print' so (to give him the benefit of the doubt) it may just have been a case of his company falling through etc. but a courtesy call would have at least been nice. Anyway, lessons learnt.

So when working with new clients:

1) If you haven't heard of them, do some research before agreeing to do anything

2) Get a percentage paid upfront

3) Get a contract even for the smallest of jobs.

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