Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Balls Up!

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration

My football theme posts continue this week with another dive back into my archive, this time from 2004 and a bit of an experiment for me. I'd been given a book of Colemanballs which for those outside of the UK or just not in the know was a term created by the magazine Private Eye to describe verbal mistakes made by, usually, sports commentators and named after the famous BBC broadcaster David Coleman who was quite notable for some hilarious verbal gaffes.

Having chuckled my way through the book I figured that many of the quotes could easily be used in a small 'newspaper style' strip and decided to create a couple to see its potential. The strip was illustrated purely in Adobe Illustrator to try and force a change of style. I did two strips and in an attempt to stretch any football based illustration work I've done until the end of the World Cup you can wait until next week to see the second strip :) Enjoy your football!


  1. Yeah, Coleman really should engage his brain before talking out loud - but his comedy value is great. Nice wee experiment,Graeme - i think a series of these could work really well - have you plans to submit to anyone in particular?

  2. At the time they where submitted to the comic Striker who I had done a very, very small amount of work for. They wanted to see it as single panel jokes so the same strips where edited into single spot jokes. Nothing happened with them there in the end and of course Striker eventually ceased publication. Couple of years later I put them onto ROK Comics mobile phone site with the intention of doing more for that (at the time new) market. But again I never got around to it and my illustration work picked up pace at that point and I ran out of time. I've no plans to do any more at the moment. I think it would suit a football comic/magazine but I'm not going to pursue it for the time being.