Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Obergefreiter Joseph Porta

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,Porta,Sven Hassel

More dipping into my back catalogue this week, here you'll find Obergefreiter Joseph Porta "Corporal by the grace of God in the Nazi army". I'm uncertain but I think this was done around 2002, maybe? Anyway, I like reading the Sven Hassel range of war novels from time to time and this character plays a very large part in those stories. I see Porta as a kind of young German version of Albert Steptoe, he's a rascal with a huge amount of charm and a complete disrespect for officials and authority.

This ended up being used in a website header banner for a Sven Hassel fan site, go have a look here if you want to know more about the books and the characters.


  1. Ha Ha! Classic!This piece was used on the Joseph Porta's Cookbook website....mmm diced pork!:) I'm a big fan of those books too!

  2. That is one great portrait of Porta.
    You should do them all. The Legionnaire, Tiny, Julius Heide, Old Man and so on, that would be epic.