Friday, March 19, 2010

Up, up and away

Ok - free plug for a mate first. Check out Rik Hoskin's first published Superman strip in Superman 80-page Giant #1 ON SALE NOW. Go tell DC how much you love his stuff and help Rik get a regular gig. Bought this yesterday to check out Rik's strip and thought i would do a Superman sketch so that i could plug it for him. Inspired by Gary's recent quick 'sketches' i thought i'd give myself a speed test and aimed for a ten minute sketch on the train in to work this morning. In order to try this i pretty much ignored the pencil stage and just doodled a stick man and quickly blocked in my 'cylinder' shapes - eek, almost 5 minutes gone already. 15 minutes later i had an inked version - so almost 20 minutes in total. Can't say i was overly happy with it (scary not doing the pencil stage)but ok for a wee test. Gave it a quick colouring job in the office - that took about 25 minutes - so just short of 50 minutes all in.

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