Friday, March 12, 2010

The Psyence of Colour

Some more digital colouring technique experiments this week, but decided to colour up a story page rather than just a single character or image this time. This is a page from a short Agents of Psyence story written by Rik Hoskin (you can currently find Rik's comic work all over the newsstands in Panini and Titan books etc - check out his newest gig on the Star Wars: Clone Wars magazine strip). Originally the idea was for it to be printed in Simon Bowland's Nucomix anthology (pick up a selection of titles in a comic shop these days and chances are Simon's done the lettering on at least half of them). Simon went full time as a letterer and Nucomix unfortunately came to an end, the next likely home was within the Bulletproof anthology where i did a Slumbertown strip with Rik - but it too seems to have come to an end.
As such, i'll maybe post the rest of the strip here at some point (possibly colouring the rest of it up too) as it's looking a bit homeless at the minute.

The black and white version of the page is posted below for comparison.

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