Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler,Graeme Neil Reid,Doctor Who,SketchUnlike some artists (I'm talking about Gary) who can whip out a sketch in no time at all that people actually like I have a very hit or miss approach to my 'on the day' convention sketches. So to avoid disappointment I produce my sketches in advance of the show, it frees up my time on the day and it also gives the public a chance to see what they are getting :)

I've been posting a lot of sketches over on my own blog and this week I've been drawing the Doctors from the new series of Doctor Who, so as a companion (do you see what I did?) to those sketches I've rustled up Rose Tyler. In a few weeks time it'll be all about the new companion Amy Pond as the latest series hits our TV screens but for now the companion that has meant the most to the Doctor over the last five years is Rose played by Billie Piper.

At the moment three (myself, Gary and Simon) out of the six members of Scotch Corner will be in attendance at the Inverness comic convention Hi-Ex! on the last weekend of March, if you can make it along please drop by and say hello!


  1. Nice one, Graeme. A very good likeness of the character. I was a bit skeptical of the casting of Billie Piper early doors but i think she actually played the part pretty well.

    A nice 'companion' peice indeed.

  2. Likewise I was skeptical about Ms. Piper. I gotta say she really made a mark. If Liz Sladen hadn't turned up she might be my fave companion of recent years.
    Spot on likeness Graeme. Nice work.